K field, but don’t know where to start? Then you must get your CMMC certification, but how? In this short video, they will tell you the steps to obtain CMMC certification so that you are ready for your future jobs in cyber security. CMMC is a shorthand for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and it is the latest methods of verification put in to use by the Department of Defence. It is to ensure that the appropriate level of cybersecurity can be found across the supply chain for the defence industrial base.

There are various levels in CMMC with 5 levels in total Each with its specific number of practice. Basic Cyber Hygiene has 17 methods while Advanced Cyber Hygiene has 72 practices; Good Cyber Hygiene has 130 practice; Level Four offers Proactive Cyber Hygiene which has 156 practices . Level five is Advanced Cyber Hygiene with 171 practices.

The CMMC certification offers many benefits. You will be eligible to apply for DOD contracts, have a better secure position, and many more. For further information on the CMMC certification, and the process by which you can obtain it, take a look at this video!