ills. Another document you should use to express the wishes of your loved ones is a living will. This article will explain what a trust in living is as well as how it’s different from other wills.

The traditional will describes what the person wishes to have happen to the assets of his or her estate upon their death. Living wills wills are written when the deceased is still living. When a person becomes disabled or is incapacitated, this type of will can be used to specify whom should be the beneficiary of the assets and the way in which their healthcare needs to be dealt with. The living will outlines the decisions to be taken in this situation and also who is entitled to decide. The living will also outlines how the funeral of the deceased will be carried out.

It’s essential for someone to have both a last will and testament , as well as an living will. These documents can cause disagreements between family members over the allocation of assets and what happens to a patient who is in hospital. Legally clear directives will help the patient ensure their wishes are met, even if incapable of communicating.