om Roadster Life takes you through the process of car restoration through the sandblasting. Sandblasting is used to remove rust and old paint so that an automotive-grade coating can be applied.

Abrasive blasting is also called Sandblasting. It involves the application of tiny particles to blast away coatings on different materials which includes metal. This process requires special equipment that requires specialized skills to manage. In order to ensure that the person handling it isn’t hurt, protective equipment is employed during this procedure.

This 1970’s VW Beetle is the vehicle which was sandblasted. The operator of the video makes it look easy but it takes a lot of expertise to ensure that all the metal that is beneath the paint as well as oxidation is unaffected. The sandblasting removes all the coats, paints, as well as rust. This exposes the naked metal.

This time-lapse video shows the process by which the paint and rust gets removed , section by section. The rust needs to be taken off before any repairs can be made to the metal. The after-comparison will amaze you.