Many times, mistakes can have serious results. It is not a good idea to make errors when cutting into huge trees. One small oversight could end up killing the tree. Perhaps you cut the wrong notch so that the tree falls in front of your face instead of away. The tree could get stuck on wires and it falls down. There are many scenarios that can happen that could be catastrophically wrong. If you want to avoid this, call professionals from a tree service for help. In this clip, you will learn about some of the common problems which arise during the removal of trees and the best ways to stay clear of these potential deadly dangers.

The risky condition where trees move backwards, instead of forwards is called setback. It could cause severe injury. A good way to protect yourself from this is to recognize the lean of the tree and then use wedges or ropes to direct the tree in the right direction. Pay close attention to every detail and thinking ahead. There should be the escape path whenever you are planning to take down trees. Be sure your route is clear of obstacles or obstructions that could slow your progress.