You don’t need any special equipment to transform your subfloor to gorgeous in a matter of days. In this article, we will go over the basic principles prior to moving on to the installation of hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring that is made from tree trunks is solid. The most well-known woods include walnut, oak, and hickory. But the cherry and maple also make the perfect choice.

An underlaymentor a composite wood-fiber core, a high-resolution woodgrain picture, and an unmistakable sealant which is resistant to fading and scratches are all layers of laminate “wood” flooring. The flooring is joined to resemble genuine wood.

Laminate flooring is improving with regard to durability as well as appearance, it’s not the same as solid wood and can’t be put in the same way. Make sure you remember this vital point.

Flooring made of hardwood should be installed on top of or over grade plywood and should not be laid directly on concrete. To estimate how many floors you’ll require, multiply the width by the length in order to calculate the total square footage. You should also add 10% to cover damaged and wasted boards.

Are you interested in learning more about installing hardwood flooring? This video will give you more information.