The process of painting the exterior can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be in a state of overwhelm. It is sometimes enough to be aware of the basics and some tips. These tricks can help you save some time and cut down on the stress. In this video, we are going to learn some important tips and tricks.

First, consider the paint roller itself. Be sure to fully sink the roller in the paint bin before you start rolling on any type of paint. Paint may not move as smoothly if it’s only partly submerged. It could result in spots of smooth paint and other places of streaks of paint. Additionally, it is important to pick the correct painting roller. different textures of walls determine what kind of paint roller to choose. For walls with a great deal of texture will require big bristles to get into the holes and fill them with paint. On the other hand smooth walls need shorter bristles for that smooth finish. Bristles that are long will leave bristle marks on the walls. They are but a couple among the many techniques you’ll be taught in this video.