Average cost of home owners insurance

When purchasing a home there are many expenses to consider. Naturally, the biggest expense is usually the mortgage. However, there are also taxes, utilities such as gas and electricity, and home insurance costs.

Several different factors are involved in calculating home insurance costs. The size and age of the property are taken into account. If there is a garage, and if so the size of that garage, can affect the cost of home insurance. Basements, security systems and the type of building materials used during construction all can make a difference, too. Also, some companies will give you a discount if you have both car and home insurance with them.

Average home insurance costs can vary. Rates are different in different states. Homes in areas of the country that are prone to severe weather generally have higher insurance rates. Since costs can be much different it is difficult to figure out an average cost of home owners insurance in the United States. According to one recent estimate, home owners insurance costs the average American somewhere between 300 and 1,000 dollars per year.

Shopping for home owners insurance is, basically, just like shopping for anything else. If you are shopping around, compare the different home owners insurance costs and how much coverage that cost covers. Spending a little bit of time comparing insurance rates and policies can get you better coverage, and better rates.