Nowadays, men tend to put on engagement rings ahead of their weddings.

Equal rights is the primary reason why men now wear engagement rings. Women wear engagement rings before the wedding, so why shouldn’t men? Engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment to each other, so it only is natural that men have begun wearing engagement rings.

Men should also wear rings for expressing their affection. Women know this quite well. If women get to know each other, an engagement or wedding band is usually one of the first things they notice. When met wear engagement rings they let the world know they’re in a serious relation.

Another reason that couples buy engaged rings is to propose again. Many couples now reverse their roles and have the bride proposing before the groom. This can be a memorable moment which the bride will cherish all her life, and the groom will appreciate the thoughtful and considerate gesture.

Watch the video to learn why engagement rings have become so popular with men today.