Ooling and segregating the fuel from oxygen. The foam accomplishes this through smothering and blocking the vapor and fire, thereby preventing re-ignition. We will look into how the fire suppression systems operate thoroughly.
The foam fire protection system works well to stop fires that are ignited by fuels from growing. To put out flames, the system coats with the fuel consumed by the fire to help cool it. The ability of fuel to burn can be reduced due to oxygen separation. The foam does this by covering the surface of the fuel and the water within the foam helps to cool it down. To prevent the re-ignition of explosive gases, the foam is sprayed on the affected area.
The fire-proofing systems made of foam are designed like wet sprinklers. To extinguish a fire, the foaming agent flows through pipes. It is important to remember that the foaming agent can be stored apart from water. Both mix within the pipes once they release during the occurrence of a fire. To look at an illustration of the system, just click the image. lb6ty1im26.