document shredding service is much more efficient when you require large volumes of pages and files destroyed. The YouTube video “Proshred San Diego – Document destruction and shredding The Shredding Process” delves into the process of shredding and advantages of using their services. We’ll explain more.

The business takes the boxes of documents and places them in containers. Once the container is fully filled with paper, it’s put in a machine that instantly eliminate all the documents. The capacity of a truck is around 10,000 pounds of shredded paper. Shredding machines of a small size could take longer to reduce that volume.

The most appealing aspect of using the paper cutting services is that the next stage. This company will send the scrap material for recycling much of which is sent to China for the production of low-quality toilet paper and product made of paper.

Watch the remainder of the video for more specifics about what goes on inside a shredding truck. Remember to use a service instead of doing it yourself in the office since it’s faster and more beneficial for the environment.